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Meet our Team

At iTX, teamwork drives innovation, trust fuels our dedication, and experience propels our growth. Our team is composed of individuals who share our passion for improving revenue cycle management for healthcare providers. Get to know the people who make iTX the successful company it is today.

Philip Gower

Co-Founder, President & CEO 

Ray Dzuibla

Chief Operating Officer 

Mike Moss

Chief Strategy & Compliance Officer 

Jeff Keller

Chief Information Officer

Ryan Taylor 

Executive VP , People Services 

April Banks

Senior VP, Financial Leadership

Jason Price

Senior VP, RevSolutions

Craig Turbeville

Senior VP , Client Development

Megan Scagnetti

VP, Operation & Client Leadership

Stephen West 

VP, Marketing 

Jodi Lawyer

VP, Client Operations 

Melody Taylor

VP, Information Leadership

Andrew Scherer 

VP, Information Technologies

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