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Whether you’re looking for a job or a career, iTX Companies provides an innovative environment where you can learn about the business side of healthcare. We provide a team-oriented dynamic with rewards that range from physical gifts to the emotional satisfaction of knowing that you are helping patients work towards resolving their balances. You can make a difference in patients’ lives all while ensuring the success of our clients so they can continue to grow and provide care to their communities. When you help our patients, you are helping their communities as well.  

Our Mission 

A company’s mission not only helps guide the operations of the business, but also helps employees understand their role in the company and how they can use that role to make a difference. We are looking for employees who share that passion and drive to fulfill our mission together as a team.


The mission of iTX Companies is to solve healthcare business challenges through innovation, experience, and collaboration.


Be the new standard of results and partnership in healthcare business.

How do employees fulfill the Mission?

Each role in our company allows employees to meet critical requirements in the healthcare business sector by working with patients, clients, and insurance companies to address their ever-changing needs.  Employees use cutting edge technology, tools, and resources to help accomplish these tasks all while providing quality customer service and the best experience in the industry.  


iTX Companies understand that benefits matter to our employees.  Through talking with our team members about what they want, what they need, and what their individual situations are, we have developed a competitive benefits program that can meet the changing needs of our growing team.  Our benefits include:

Supporting our Team

Over the last several years, the world and our work environments have changed immensely.  We have seen a progressive shift in the way our work environment looks regarding remote workers, hiring nationwide, changing pay rates, and more. iTX Companies is committed to keeping up with the changes our employees face and meeting those challenges head-on.  As part of this commitment, we have implemented technology to ensure that remote workers continue to have the same level of support and sense of community that our in-office workers do.  Because we have remote workers all over the United States, we provide video and chat resources to facilitate easier communication between employees, supervisors, and other team members so that everyone can easily stay connected.  We also use advanced programs to assist employees with following scripts and other requirements while speaking with patients in order to create multiple methods of support.  Instead of being just a piece of paper, our scripts are technology at your fingertips that will empower your work and help make you successful.

iTX Benefits

Paid Parental Leave:

Growing a family is an exciting time.  Whether you are having a child, adopting a child, or having a foster child placed with you, our paid parental leave policy allows employees who have been with us for at least 12 consecutive months to take up to 3 weeks of PAID leave to enjoy the gift of a new addition to their family.


Health Reimbursement Arrangement:

We recognize that our employees are individuals and have different priorities when it comes to healthcare. Some are under a spouses’ insurance plan and some have specific healthcare needs. Everyone’s requirements are different. To help accommodate the variety of needs, iTX Companies offers an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA) program.This program allows you to choose your own individual health insurance that meets the program requirements and then receive a pre-determined reimbursement amount to help pay your premiums.The benefit allows you to choose your plan based on specific needs, such as making sure a certain doctor or medication is covered. It also allows you to not choose a plan at all and therefore not lose existing coverage through your spouse’s employer. This is a flexible benefit that can help to accommodate the unique and individual needs of our employees.


Awesome Work Schedule:

No nights, no weekends, and up to 9 paid holidays all in addition to PTO.


Rotating Days Off:

Healthcare Financial Navigators and Senior Healthcare Financial Navigators can earn a paid day off once every two weeks just for showing up every day and working their regularly scheduled shifts.  This is in addition to PTO, contributing up to an extra 26 days paid days off a year!


iTX Benefits

401k Program:

Available to help employees save for later in life.  While currently no company match is available, this benefit allows employees to help secure their financial future.


Generous PTO Policy:
(Paid Time Off)

After just 90 days, employees receive 8 days of PTO to use in their first year.  PTO is given all at once in a lump sum, so there is no need to wait for accruals. For each year you continue to work for us, we add another 2 days of PTO to the previous year’s balance.  


Company-Paid Life Insurance Policy:

We offer a life insurance policy of $50,000 that is completely free to you.  Additional buy-up options for more coverage and/or coverage for spouses and children are also available.


Paid Sick Time: 

Getting sick isn’t fun, but having to use PTO for being sick is even less fun.  We want employees to use their PTO to relax, recharge, and spend time with family and friends. So in addition to generous PTO balances, ITx Companies also provides 5 paid sick days a year for those times when you are feeling under the weather.  


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