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Unique solutions for various stages of revenue cycle

Rising insurance premiums, copays/deductibles, consumerism, HCAHPS, PQRS, and other shifts in

reimbursement models equate to the new “normal” in healthcare. These complexities are creating

unprecedented pressures never experienced in the industry. In fact, the fastest growing provider

financial class is attributed to private pay accounts.

Our services are crafted to balance industry regulatory compliance with each facility’s patient

demographics. We offer various solutions for (first party) and (third party) patient responsibility


Our “standard” offerings consist of our Self Pay Concierge Services (traditionally called early out) and

our Patient Open Balances Services (traditionally called bad debt). While there are some similarities

with technological tools and core values to serving healthcare patients, we understand the differences in

approach to handling active accounts vs. aged accounts receivables. Regardless of program we utilize:

  • Workforce recruiting and tracking /screening through BambooHR®

  • Best-in-class healthcare training through Grovo®

  • Dedicated Teams of High EQ Patient Advocates vs. collectors making 47% more than industry

       average wages; yielding consistency and familiarity with patients and clients.

  • Leading Cloud-based CRM technology through Ontario Systems- Artiva®

  • Dynamic patient communication (mail, e-bill, text, IVR, web portal) and demographic specific

       (i.e. language, font) statements/advocates. Includes Mail Return management.

  • Contractual service level commitments for ASA , Call Abandonment and Patient Safe Guarantee

  • 100% account resolution, electronic status/notes updates, identification of charity care and insurance.

       We don’t “cream the accounts”, everyone deserves the chance to resolve!

  • Clients have real-time live access to teams, calls and to view dashboards/reports available

      24/7/365 days a year


ITx Healthcare Patient Experience (Px)

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