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Self Pay Concierge Services (early out/first party)

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We recognize that early out is not a “kinder, gentler collections” mode. We are operating in the name of our

client and have the critical understanding that the patient may still be receiving treatment. Often,

we are the last contact that the patient has with the provider. At a high level here’s how we can help:

  • Customized, regulatory compliant first party workflows (verbal and written) approved prior to

       go live

  • Approach is to educate patients about the billing process and pathways to resolve accounts:

       Insurance/Coordination of Benefits, Financial Assistance, Discounts, Pay plans

  • Accounts scrubbed for Insurance Discovery, Verification and Processing

  • Financial Assistance Processing

  • 30-100% improvement in Patient Concierge Services (early out) recoveries, dramatic reduction

       in bad-debt without patient complaints.





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